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CPEx values safety and accuracy. It is our responsibility to meet the deadlines agreed with the customer and ensure that the product reaches the market exactly meeting all the required technical standards. In this way, the quality of our services is ensured by the following systems:


Laboratory Quality System, as perABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025, periodically evaluated by CGCRE (General Accreditation Coordination).

About us
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15 years +

of experience in the market!


diversified services

Personalized, quality service and direct access to technical team.

Modern Equipments

and technological.


The main advantage is the convenience that the laboratory generates for its customers while carrying out their tests, creating a welcoming environment where the customer can discuss their projects, learn about new technologies, update themselves in relation to applicable regulations and where they can actively participate in the progress of your tests, receiving daily updates on the progress of your process. 


The expected result of this type of resource is customer loyalty, as they begin to recognize the quality of their services through this efficiency. And who doesn't want to reap these benefits in such a competitive market?

Vision, Mission, Values
Vision, Mission, Values

integrated quality policy

Provide services with impartiality, independence, efficiency and quality. Aiming at improving the safety of electrical and non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres, in compliance with national legislation and national and international technical regulations. Seeking to carry out the tests in an ethical and responsible way, in defense of life, with the fulfillment of the precepts of the Norms established by Organs competent bodies.


Leading the Testing market for products for explosive atmospheres in Brazil, being a constant agent in the development of technologies related to types of protection for explosive atmospheres.


Be an agent in the application and continuous improvement of technologies related to the prevention of explosion risks in areas with explosive atmospheres. Generating value to relevant stakeholders, through impartiality and confidentiality assessment services and product testing. Collaborating with the safety of products for explosive atmospheres.


We understand that the success of our business is directly related to the performance and ethical conduct of our employees, which translates into our reputation, which is our most valuable asset. Our sustainable growth is based on our ability to add value to our customers, through the ethical, impartial and confidential promotion of technical knowledge through accredited assessments and aligned with the best practices at the national and international level, which determines our unity as an organization and our business strategy

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